We're in the meetings business. For 29 years we've been about bringing people together and providing the right environment for learning and communication to flourish.


That's why we've come up with a few solutions to help your business keep meeting during these strange times.

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You still need to train your staff, right? Perhaps now more than ever!

Using a dedicated training venue and specialist environment lets you focus on delivering quality business outcomes with high quality training.

Staff and delegates can dial in via your preferred platform (Teams, Zoom, Skype etc.) wherever they are, making the most of your time, efficiency and resource.

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It may be important to bring certain teams together for presentations or to share vital company updates. You may need your senior team in the same room, utilising presentation equipment, whilst your extended team dial in from elsewhere.

Participants can therefore collaborate properly, without being interrupted by the dog or postman, meaning business decisions are made quickly and efficiently.

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Our hybrid options let you combine physical elements - such as panel sessions, Q&A and break out groups - with a virtual event, giving you an extended reach and participation.

Capturing these elements in real time allows colleagues and delegates to interact with your content wherever they are, making sure you get your messages across effectively.

After the event, you can host the recorded footage for people to view who weren’t able to attend the live event.