Life is obviously a little uncertain at the moment. As we start to emerge from lockdown and businesses try to get back to doing business, it's only natural that you will have lots of questions. We have produced a list of questions that we're getting asked frequently but please do talk to us about any concerns you have. We're absolutely ready to get back to doing what we do best - giving you the best possible experience and customer service!

When are your venues reopening?

Under the current Government roadmap for easing of lockdown restrictions, we will be operating as follows:

Up to 12th April:

  • Essential business meetings/training/elite sports camps only at Burleigh Court

From 12th April:

  • Wedding receptions at The Link Hotel for up to 15 people
  • Takeaway/Outdoor food service from the Elite Athlete Centre and Hotel
  • Burleigh Springs Leisure club open

From 17th May:

  • All hotels permitted to open for bed and breakfast guests
  • Indoor meetings at 50% capacity
  • Weddings up to 30 people at The Link Hotel

From 21st June:

  • Proposed end date for all restrictions
  • All venues open as normal

This is obviously subject to change and we will update accordingly should the Government make further changes.

Are you taking bookings for 2021 meetings/events?

YES! Absolutely.

We are hopeful that we will be operating as normal from June 21st and are actively taking bookings for Summer/Autumn/Winter 2021, as well as events further afield.

Just call us to discuss your requirements.

Don't forget we are offering AV packages to facilitate hybrid/virtual events for more than 30 people:

Explore AV packages

Are accommodation bookings or B&B bookings allowed?

Hotels are set to reopen for leisure guests on May 17th. In the meantime, only essential business travel is permitted. Burleigh Court remains open in the meantime to accommodate key worker accommodation and essential education and training activities.

Can I postpone my event free of charge after venues reopen, if delegates are still not confident to attend?

We recognise that these are uncertain times for everyone and have pledged in our Customer Manifesto to take a fair and balanced approach to any such requests.

When it comes to postponement, we will inevitably face a situation where availability becomes problematic. We promise to work with you to find the best possible solution.

If delegates are unable to attend due to travel restrictions or Covid-19 infection, we will offer offer you a proportionate fee reduction or agree to cancel the booking if numbers fall below 70%. In this instance, we will return deposits and any monies already paid.

Once we are out of lockdown and able to fulfil the contractual obligations, then cancellation/postponement will be subject to normal terms and conditions. If there is a further outbreak of the virus, which precludes our ability to operate as per contract, then we would revert back to free cancellation or postponement.

Do you have safety information I can share with my attendees about attending events at your venues?

Absolutely. We have produced our 'Safe In Our Hands' document to give you and your delegates the peace of mind in our safety measures. On top of that, our coordinators will work with you to establish a bespoke customer journey for your event and make sure that, together, we have every box ticked.

Download Safe In Our Hands

My attendees are vulnerable/high risk, will you be offering more flexibility with these events?

We understand that every client will have different needs and precautionary measures. We'll work with you to design a bespoke package that meets your needs and objectives, especially where that relates to vulnerable or high risk guests.

Talk to us and we'll work with you to navigate any problems.

Is there a maximum capacity of guests I can have at my event?

Please note that current Government restrictions permit us to host events for a maximum of 30 people.

Download Safe In Our Hands

Will we be required to vacate the premises at a certain time once our meeting has finished?

This really depends on the nature of the event. At this stage, there is no requirement for you to vacate immediately and we are simply asking customers to follow the social distancing measures that are in place around the venues.

How are you implementing social distancing?

We have a range of measures in place which are all set out in our 'Safe In Our Hands' document.

Download Safe In Our Hands

How have you adapted room layouts to the social distancing procedures?

We have revised our capacities and room layouts based on 2M social distancing but we are aware that this guideline could change in the future. We will be flexible and react to any changes to the rules, whilst maintaining safety at all times.

If a particular room is not suitable for reducing the 2M distance, then we will retain a more precautionary stance.

Download our 'Safe In Our Hands' document for our revised capacities and layouts.

Download Safe In Our Hands

Will you be providing guests with PPE or will we be required to provide our own?

We won't be providing PPE to guests and so would ask that people provide their own protection where necessary.

Please take a look at our 'Safe In Our Hands' document to see all the safety, hygiene and social distancing measures we have put in place to keep you safe.

Download Safe In Our Hands

What happens if one of my delegates starts to show symptoms of CV-19?

We will be following the industry guidance issued by the Meetings Industry Association:

  • As part of your business planning, please allocate a permanent, closed isolation area for delegates to go to if they start to feel unwell.
  • We will liaise with the organiser to close down the event.
  • If delegates or organisers report infection symptoms after the event, we will use delegate information to contact other delegates. You should also follow NHS guidance on testing and go through the Track and Trace process.
  • We will secure the meeting space(s) for 72 hours afterwards, where possible.
  • We will thoroughly clean and santise all areas that the affected person has been into (e.g. meeting rooms, corridors, public toilets, refreshment areas etc.).

If there is a case of CV-19 in the venue/hotel, will we be informed?

If there is a case of Covid-19 within any of our venues, we will take the action as required by government guidance and inform patrons appropriately.

If this requires us to close the venue for a period of time - and we are unable to fulfil the booking contract - you will be notified and offered an alternative date. If this is not possible, a full refund will be provided for monies paid in advance with no further payment required.

Will check-in and check-out times change due to new cleaning regimes?

We are not anticipating that check-in and check-out times will change but conference guests will be allocated a reception "zone" to check-in on arrival. We have also created portable reception pods to give greater flexibility and to maintain social distancing.

We will also be operating express and cashless check-out for all guests and will email your invoice after your stay.

Download our 'Safe In Our Hands' guide for more information.

Download Safe In Our Hands

Will guests be required to wear face coverings at check in?

We will not be enforcing this but would encourage anyone who wishes to wear their own face covering to do so. Our staff will be complying with appropriate safety measures to eliminate cross-contamination. However, if guests feel safer by wearing their own PPE, then please do so.

Are you temperature checking delegates and/or staff?

We have revised our position and will now be conducting temperature checks.

Will will scan every guest (and staff member) with a contact-free scanner. If the reading is 37.8 degrees or higher, we will ask you to wait in a confined space for 5 minutes and then re-take your temperature.

If your temperature is still above 37.8 degrees, we will ask you to return home and arrange a Covid-19 test via the NHS website as soon as possible. This is in the interest of everyone's safety.

Will staff be wearing Personal Protective Equipment?

Our team members will be wearing gloves, disposable aprons and any other necessary PPE items. This will provide them with the necessary protection and keep you safer by eliminating the possibility of cross-contamination.

However, we would advise that people provide/wear their own PPE if they feel the need to do so.

How does your food and beverage service work under Covid restrictions?

We are introducing a brand new digital concierge hub that will allow us to provide contact-free food and beverage services.

We will provide guests with unique QR codes that will launch the concierge hub and allow guests to order and pay for food and drink from their own device, thus eliminating cross-contamination. All food will be prepared safely by our chefs and individually portioned for guests. We have a selection of contactless food options, from ‘grab and go’, pre-boxed or room delivery via the concierge hub.

For larger groups, restaurant, lounge and bar areas will be socially distanced and will operate a strict one-way system. We will have table service or collection points for all food and drink orders.

For full details on our contactless service and concierge hub, please download our 'Safe In Our Hands' document.

Download Safe In Our Hands

Will you be providing disposable cutlery that will be individually packed?

Yes, all cutlery and condiments will be individually wrapped and portioned and disposable items will be sustainable 'vegware' wherever possible.

I am a wheelchair user, is there adequate protection for my safety when travelling through your venue?

Our venues are already extremely accessible and allow for appropriate spacing for wheelchair users.

Some of our spaces have been compromised by social distancing measures so, if you have any particular concerns about accessibility, please talk to us and we'll look at providing a bespoke solution where we can.

Will I be able to use the gym and spa facilities at Burleigh Springs?

Yes, Burleigh Springs is now open again but it is advisable to book time slots in advance as we are operating at reduced capacity. You will also need to follow the safety procedures in place.

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