Fresh and Seasonal will be the theme for imago's appearance at the Academic Venue Show this year.

A fresh look to a rather gorgeous bedroom offer and a seasonal refresher on an exciting food move. Head of Sales at imago, Emma Boynton, explains: "During 2008 imago is concentrating on bringing delegates fresh, seasonal and locally produced food, of the highest quality. Feedback from delegates has shown that more and more of our customers are wanting to know where our food comes from, how far it has travelled and how it is prepared. Our decision to support local producers and suppliers was in part due to our commitment to our customers, but also in part due to our desire to support the economy in which we work. imago has a strong commitment to corporate social responsibility and supporting local producers and suppliers is best practice for us." As part of its refreshed food offer, imago is celebrating as it is one of the only dedicated conference centres in the country to be awarded the prestigious Food for the Brain Accreditation. This Accreditation evaluates how well catering operations delivers food to its customers. Emma Boynton said: "The Food for the Brain Accreditation takes into consideration every part of the foods process, from where it is sourced to how it is cooked and presented to the customer. The audit imago had to go through to gain the Accreditation was very comprehensive and took into account everything from how much whole grain and omega 3 rich foods we offer, to assessing the levels of undesirable transfats and hydrogenated fats on the menus." Emma added: "Consumers are becoming much more food savvy, and want to know what healthy options we have available. It is important for our food not only to be tasty to our customers, but also to be nutritious." It is not just the food offer at imago that has been refreshed. Currently imago is expanding, refurbishing and refreshing its bedroom offer. This year will see the development of an ambitious building programme of 1300 new bedrooms on Loughborough University Campus that will start to become available online from September. The bedrooms, available out of term time, will all be en-suite and will be furnished with a ¾ sized bed, rather than the traditional single bed, a move that will please many delegates and event organisers. imago's dedicated conference centre, Burleigh Court, is also undergoing a £1.2 million refurbishment, which will see the 90 'standard' accommodation bedrooms being converted to 'executive' quality bedrooms. Emma Boynton said: "We have noticed a demand from delegates for higher quality rooms. With the new bedrooms being built on campus and the refurbishment of Burleigh Court, we are able to offer delegates two tiers of bedroom standard." Another fresh new offer at imago is the online booking service. Emma Boynton explains: "The online Bed & Breakfast service was launched in September and was the first stage of a three year programme. Throughout 2008 we will launch an online, last minute service for booking meeting spaces, targeted at the internal and local market. We have to keep moving forward as we operate in a people-focussed industry that demands higher levels of service through more and more sophisticated methods of delivery. Offering online booking is another way in which we can refresh our offer so it appeals to a wider audience." Visitors to The Academic Venue Show can visit image on Stand 12.

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