imago organise roaring twenties event

A recent event held at imago's Burleigh Court truly emphasises the organisation's core essence of added value customer service.

On this occasion it was not part of a wider sales and marketing programme but a 'Thank You' event created by the operational staff for visitors that return to the venue year after year. Rosie Abbey, Customer Relations Manager, explains why it was such an important event to organise and host: "We enjoy such a high level of repeat business here that we get to know a large proportion of our visitors extremely well. These are not necessarily the organisers, bookers and agents but the actual guests and delegates that attend a whole range of events at imago." The evening dinner and dance was held on the anniversary of the screening of first talking feature film, The Jazz Singer - which provided a marvellous theme for the evening. The enthusiasm for the event was evidently quite infectious as the team on the evening grew and grew. Rosie continued: "We had maintenance men volunteering to make clapperboard props, others sourcing uniforms from period and a core working group of nine individuals co-ordinating all activity. The atmosphere on the night was simply magical. Staff joined over 80 guests, laughing and singing, and dancing to the live trio. In fact some staff did double shifts that day simply to ensure that they would work during the event." Such has been the success of evening, that a repeat performance is definitely on the cards on a bi-annual basis.

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