imago invited to speak stateside

Emma Boynton at award-winning conference brand, imago, will be speaking at the 29th International Institute of the ACCED in Boston later this month.

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Emma, Head of Sales and Marketing will talk about how sophisticated and innovative marketing strategies build successful conference brands. Emma was invited to present by industry software specialist, Kinetic Solutions. Anne-Marie Hunter is Sales and Marketing Director at Kinetic: "Traditionally, universities in the USA do not generally focus on strategic marketing programmes to sell their conference and meeting facilities despite, in many cases, boasting the most phenomenal campus and sports provision. Few have developed dedicated conference services and as a result have fallen behind UK universities and colleges that have fully embraced the business potential that such a big move can bring. imago was an obvious choice for us to put forward at this event. The complete re-branding of Loughborough University's conference offer nearly six years ago has been hugely successful and presents a perfect blueprint of how to maximise business potential whilst retaining the integrity and reputation associated with the University. The experience and knowledge that Emma can share in this forum could be valuable." Emma is delighted to be involved: "Obviously I am very flattered to be asked especially as this will be the first event of its kind and links perfectly with Loughborough University's international partnership strategy. On a wider perspective, it gives me the opportunity to showcase all that we have put in place at imago and, more generally, how forward thinking the UK academic conference market is." Up to 500 delegates are expected to attend the event, which is also sponsored by Kinetic Solutions' US company. The Association of Collegiate Conference and Events Directors-International (ACCED) represents over 1,400 professionals who design, market, coordinate and plan conferences and special events on campuses of colleges and universities around the world.

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