imago hosts pm's policy launch

imago experienced the full force of national media attention when it played host to an event that welcomed both Prime Minister Gordon Brown and Business Secretary Lord Mandelson.

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The event was staged to launch a pre-budget policy statement, a new strategic plan to invest in Britain's economic and industrial future and, as with such occasions, the imago team had to deliver to extremely tight deadlines and factor in high-level security and media needs. Emma Boynton, Head of Sales & Marketing at imago: "We were delighted to welcome the Prime Minister and the region's business leaders. Any VIP event creates a particular sense of anticipation and excitement but on this occasion we were also well aware that we were ambassadors for Loughborough University and our delivery would contribute to the overall success of the event and the impression left with our guests. Its timing, just before the budget, also meant that security issues and media attention had to be given greater than normal consideration. imago's facilities at Holywell Park are perfectly set up to handle both." John Ambler, Ministerial Manager with the Government Office for the East Midlands, was involved with the initial stage enquiry and booking: "When I think back to the event, good things spring to mind immediately. The venue's location and communications infrastructure offer an immediate advantage and imago's grounds, with the University's campus background, present a beautiful and stimulating environment. All the staff that we encountered were particularly supportive and accommodating and quick to involve themselves when constructive solutions were needed." Jenny Gilmore is Director of the event company, Bracken Presentations: "The facilities were impressive with many innovative touches for delegate provision very well thought through and the attitude of nothing was a problem was encountered from all staff at all levels." During their visit the Prime Minister, along with Business Secretary Lord Mandelson and Skills Secretary John Denham, were given a tour of University spin-out company Intelligent Energy at the Innovation Centre, before taking part in an open forum with members of the local business community. Loughborough's Vice Chancellor, Professor Shirley Pearce, said the University was delighted to welcome the Prime Minister and his colleagues from the Cabinet to the campus for such an important launch. "The decision to hold such a prominent announcement at the University underlines Loughborough's status as one of the country's leading universities" she said. "It also shows how highly we are regarded for the work that we do with business and industry and the importance of the role that we can play in the recovery from this recession."

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