imago green - issues gather momentum

imago's in-house Environment Team have set new objectives and targets in order to achieve environmental best practice throughout its business activity.

Guy Hodge, Operations Manager at imago explains: "We believe that everyone has a duty of care for the environment and to seek ways to conserve natural resources. A number of objectives have been set for the year ahead some of which will see further improvement of our recycling policy with a target to achieve 90% of recyclable waste. We have compiled a set of environmental targets to benchmark, track and review performance and focus on waste / utility services and costs. At integrated Energy Savings Plan has also been put into place to reduce utility consumption and expenditure." He continues: "Additional training and an environmental awards programme is also planned to engage imago staff and further improve their awareness in the area of environment and sustainability. imago boasts a number of awards in recognition for delivering high standards and by continuing with the Green Start Pilot Scheme we are optimistic in meeting the criteria set for the Green Tourism Business Scheme accreditation."

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