imago and The Business School unite at WOLCE

The Business School exhibit alongside imago to present a truly extensive offer to the Learning Industry.

The Loughborough University's Business School presented the tailored business programmes and short courses offered a wide variety of business education users, strengthening to relationships with Human Resources and Development Managers across a range of sectors, whilst imago showcased its collective offer of outstanding training facilities and accommodation, delicious food and the most extensive sport and leisure facilities in the UK. The focus of the University's presentation was it's Professional and Management Development Centre (PMDC), which presents a range of bespoke training and educational courses for business managers, directors and professionals of all occupations. Stuart West is the Director of The Business School and MBA programme: "We are finding more and more that smart businesses will invest in key managers and sports their professional development, to the longer term benefit of any organisation. The competitive advantage of a highly skilled workforce cannot be underestimated." imago unifies Loughborough University's conference activities under a distinctive brand and provides a wonderfully focused learning environment for any training event. With continued investment from the University, imago provides an unrivalled delegate experience far from the traditional perceptions associated with many academic venues.

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