The Local Economy

imago prides itself on supporting local producers to better provide a food offering that is fresh and seasonal and delivered whilst incurring the least number of food miles possible. Over the last year, imago spent almost £200,000 with suppliers and producers in the East Midlands. imago sources its milk, eggs, yoghurts, ice cream, meat and seafood from the region.

With such an abundance of high class food available in the region, imago is eager to promote the many benefits to supporting local producers, such as being able to better trace the origin of its products. To take just one example, the yoghurts imago uses go from the cow to the pot in less than eight hours. Produce hasn't undertaken unnecessary food miles, which in turn reduces imago's carbon footprint.

imago is also Fairtrade accredited and uses Fairtrade products, including tea and coffee. With the average delegate drinking at least two cups of coffee or tea at an event, more so if it is residential, that means that imago sells a minimum of 160,000 cups of Fairtrade tea and coffee each year.