imago demonstrates a strong commitment to sustainable best practice believing it is essential to reduce its impact on the environment. imago is committed to reducing its negative effect on the planet with significant efforts being made to reduce carbon footprint and the amount of waste that it sends to landfill. Environmental objectives form an integral part of the Company's Business Plan, as does its Environmental Policy.

Globally, imago wishes to comply with new legislation and government targets, and so provide detailed information to its customers who wish to know about its environmental credentials.

imago also has an environmental policy in place supported by an environmental working group. Practices put in place include the installation of low energy light bulbs and low flush toilet systems. imago also recycles printer cartridges, light bulbs, cardboard and glass, plastic cups (100,000 per year) and yoghurt pots (300,000 per year) and uses recycled stationery. The business has reduced energy consumption by 34,000Kw/h, compared to the same period in 2006, as a result of a campaign encouraging students and staff to turn off lights and electrical equipment.

imago uses over 4000 litres of oil every year in the cooking process. Once used, this oil is collected and converted into biodiesel, which is then used to fuel the delivery wagons that carry sandwiches around the University. imago also recycles over 50,000 A10 tins every year.

Globally, imago raises money for Chaidipura, a rural village in India through the sales of bottled water. In the last year imago has sold over 150,000 bottles of the locally sourced spring water, raising over £1500 for the village, which has been used to provide a clean water supply.

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